Fitness can be a challenge for some of us (including me!), especially if we’re not accustomed to working out regularly. Whether to exercise alone or with others is, of course, a matter of personal preference. However, I find that participating in group exercise classes offers several advantages for me. 


Correct Form

One benefit of working out in a group setting is that each class is led by a certified fitness trainer who can provide feedback on the correct posture or form you should use, as well as ways to modify exercises and prevent the risk of injuries. 



Group fitness classes usually start with a warm-up routine, progress to the actual workout and end with a cool down. This type of structure allows people to get used to a set routine, making them more likely to maintain their fitness.



Many of us are well-intentioned, but find that we lack motivation to maintain a regular fitness routine. I’ve discovered that participating in fitness classes with others who are all focussed on completing a class inspires me to try harder  


Social Bonding

Group fitness classes offer an opportunity to socialize with others in a fun  environment. It is a great place to share healthy recipes, fitness events, and new types of exercises (before and after the class, that is – not during the workout itself!!) I have also found the people in my fitness classes to be compassionate and I value the emotional support I’ve received – yet another benefit of group exercise.