I admire my friends and family who are self-motivated enough to understand how to use fitness machines and use them on a regular basis. Not only do I lack coordination, but I also can’t figure out how to turn on and adjust the machines, much less use them (I do luckily know how to use a treadmill). Despite repeated demonstrations provided by EXCEEDINGLY patient trainers I still end up having to ask for another explanation. I’ll admit it, I’m a fitness class person. There’s something about signing up for a class, going to the class, and exercising with a group of other people that keeps me motivated.

With the end of the year quickly approaching, you might be looking for new ways to stay active.  Luckily, staying active and healthy doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many great ways to get your body moving. These are some of the classes I’ve been signing up for, but there are so many others to try! I hope you’ll spin, pilates, yoga, or choose a class that works for you, through the rest of this year as we send 2018 out with a bang!  


Circuit and Spin

A class designed to build strength, cardio, and core endurance. After 20 minutes of circuit training, participants are guided through a focused and challenging 25-minute ride on stationary spin bikes.


This is basically circuit and spin without the circuit. The 45-minute high energy stationary cycling class will take you up and down hills and will have you sprinting in no time, all to the beat of great music.  This is definitely challenging (at least for me) but is a great cardio workout.


It took me a long time to try yoga. I’m one of those people who could never touch their toes, so the idea of holding poses (and even getting into those poses) totally intimidated me. However, an instructor with a sense of humor convinced me to try a class, and it’s now one of my favorites! I’ve found yoga has absolutely improved my flexibility, strength, and balance while helping my body and mind reach a state of relaxation. I cannot lie – I cheer (silently, of course!) when we move into child’s pose, but this class has enabled me to find inner serenity every day.


I used to be embarrassed to say that I didn’t really know the difference between pilates and Yoga before I started taking pilates classes. The Pilates classes I take focus on muscle toning, strength, balance, low-impact conditioning, and core fitness. A dynamic series of precise movements and exercises are designed to enhance natural alignment and elongate the muscles.


There you have it! Hope to run into you doing “mountain climbers” in circuit training, sprinting in cycling class, downward facing dog in yoga, or moving your arms for “the 100” in Pilates! On one final note, I started my fitness journey out as a “quasi-couch potato”. Each new class I took reminded me a bit of trying to learn a new language and each of them has brought new challenges. The classes I’ve listed above continue to challenge me, take the time to find a class that’s the right fit for you. There are so many other fitness classes to try – so get out there and get moving!