Staying healthy and fit can be a challenge – take it from me, a former “quasi-couch potato.” I knew that working out would make me both physically and mentally stronger.  However, one of my toughest challenges, when I started trying to improve my lifestyle, was figuring out how to achieve what I call “the right headspace.” Here are a few suggestions (with a little humor mixed in – an essential part of life for me) for reaching your “right headspace.”

Ask Yourself Why

Why do you want to become healthy and fit? I found it helpful to think of simple goals and purposes to get me moving when I was tempted to just sit in front of the TV.  I began to realize that working out and eating more mindfully really energized me. Believe me, I do NOT compete in Ironman competitions or even marathons (I am visualizing my family chuckling at the thought). Instead, I reach my “right headspace” by participating in a variety of classes at the gym. Figure out what types of activities make you feel great both physically and mentally (and, yes, if it’s Ironman competitions or the Boston Marathon, that’s super!) – and go for it!  

Just Do Something – It’s OK Not To Be Invincible!

Please know that I don’t crush every single workout at the gym (not even close).  Rather, the fact that I’m engaged in some type of physical activity, whether it’s taking a spin class, doing yoga, or going for a walk, gets me into the “headspace.” If my heart rate is up and I’m breaking a sweat, all is good!  

Have a Sense of Humor

Being able to laugh at myself was key to getting me into the – yes, you know what I’m going to say – “headspace.” I knew from the beginning that I would be miserable working out if I had a negative, hypercritical attitude. I decided to loosen up a little, laugh when I needed to, and just have fun.

I think we all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle has so many awesome benefits. Remember why you started on this journey, exercise in the way that works for you and continue to laugh. You are on your way to that “right headspace!”