Becoming or remaining physically fit can be challenging and time-consuming. One option for staying committed to fitness is to use a personal trainer. Once reserved for elite athletes and A-list celebrities, personal trainers are now available to common folks like us at a variety of price points and program structures (and even online!). I was initially hesitant to enlist the services of a personal trainer, since it is admittedly a financial investment. However, I decided to give it a try and I am now a convert.   Here are just some of the benefits that personal trainers offer:


Teach Proper Form

Many people exercise, but not everyone knows how to use proper form. A personal trainer can teach the correct way to do a lunge or lift a barbell, maximizing your workout and helping to prevent injury. My personal trainer offered several suggestions on the “best ways” to lunge at our first session (I never knew!).  



Personal trainers provide motivation. The trainers I know are passionate about fitness and truly enjoy seeing their clients work towards their goals and feeling more healthy. I found that completing a challenging circuit is much easier when my trainer is standing there cheering me on. 



Achieving fitness goals requires discipline and commitment- two words that are sometimes difficult for me to remember when I’m pondering what will happen on the next episode of my current Netflix favorite. A personal trainer can use various techniques to increase a client’s accountability and to remind the client of the reasons the client had committed to a fitness regimen. One personal trainer told me that he expected me to text him from the gym on the days I had promised to be there. That extra layer of accountability convinced me to head for the treadmill (rather than the TV) on more than one occasion.  



Personal trainers can help clients celebrate achievements. On your own, reaching a fitness goal can seem like an insurmountable task, especially when comparing yourself to that person in the corner casually doing bicep curls with 80-pound weights. Personal trainers are all about tracking and setting goals and will be cheering you on at the tiniest accomplishment. Graduating from knee-only pushups to floor push-ups may not make an ESPN highlight reel, but will definitely win accolades with your trainer. 


Need Assessment

Personal trainers will first consult with clients to gain a better understanding of what their fitness goals are. After performing a fitness assessment, the trainer can determine the most appropriate exercises to pursue and tailor a specialized regiment that best meets the client’s needs.


A Personalized Environment

Comparison is the thief of joy, but is also the food of self-conscious people in a gym. Focusing on my own goal to run a 12-minute mile was difficult when I was running next to somebody who was casually full-out sprinting. Personal trainers are just that- personal. They understand that each client has their own needs and goals. They don’t judge, and are great at fostering a personalized environment to enable clients to become more comfortable and gain confidence in their abilities.


Specialized Training

Personal trainers can prove vital to individuals training for specific athletic events or sports. Whether you’re training for a 5K or dodgeball tournament,  trainers can create programs that will prepare you to participate.